Is this 21st Century Learning?

"Understanding the rise and fall of the Mongol Empire (1162 – 1300)"

– Draft outcomes in Grade 2 Social Studies

91% of Alberta teachers say no.

This Curriculum Must Not Go Forward
Simply put, the new curriculum is fatally flawed.

A recent survey of teachers found that 91 per cent of teachers are unhappy with the draft curriculum, 90 per cent of teachers are uncomfortable teaching it and 95 per cent of principals are uncomfortable supporting it in their schools and communities.

To protect our children and the future children of Alberta, we cannot allow these drafts to be implemented.
One respondent to the survey said it best: "This curriculum is developmentally inappropriate and will cause kids to get frustrated with learning and to develop a bad attitude about school."

The Alberta Teachers’ Association is calling on the government to stop work on curriculum piloting and implementation until an independent, full and open review and rewrite can occur.
Add your voice in support of stopping and reviewing this flawed curriculum.
Reflecting on the new curriculum in Alberta, which elements concern you most?
It’s not just that it’s highly plagiarized.
Obviously, plagiarizing study topics from Wikipedia is wrong. But Wikipedia is the least concerning source included.

What is more worrying is the similarity with pre-packaged programs from the United States. Common Core is a failed education strategy that should not be imported into Canada, especially to replace one of the world’s most highly regarded and most successful curriculum.
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Numeracy is about more than memorizing steps.
Numeracy is also about critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Reliance on simple processes to perform simple calculations does not prepare our students for how to use math and science to evaluate complex problems now and in the future.
Protect Education
It’s not just that it forces too many facts, too early on young students.
When you read the grade two social studies curriculum, it is a long series of historical facts. Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Abrahamic Religions, Middle Ages, Anglo-Saxon England, American War of Independence and more.
Grade two needs to be about inspiring students, channeling their interests and instilling a love of learning, not just memorizing names and dates.
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Alberta has one of the best education systems in the whole world. Our curriculum was recognized as one of the strongest and best for students.

And yet, an ideological rewrite is importing failed concepts from the United States, shifting us back to the 1970’s and suggesting that technology should have a lesser role in our classrooms.

We cannot go backwards. We must stop this curriculum.

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